Smart LED decor light

PLAYBULB Reflector

Bluetooth Smart LED Colorful Floodlight
Light, just the one!

The free PLAYBULB X APP is able to control all functions of PLAYBULB reflector, include but not limited to on/off, colors, effects, timer, group etc.
Life can be more exquisite
The colorful light will properly decorate your living space, create different atmosphere. It has 16,800,000 colors and 4 color effects providing you a little more options
Light Effects
The 4 color effects -PULSING, RAINBOW, RAINBOW FADING, FLASHING are good to fit different occasions and moods. Enjoy your time and your atmosphere.
Simple light bulb of versatilities
What PLAYBULB reflector can do? Changes the light brightness and color, makes your rooms of different styles; It is a new-born smart light bulb waiting for your experience!
Fits Your Places
PLAYBULB reflector offers warm white or colorful light to fit your living room, bathroom, study room, office ...
Easy Installation
Just screw the PLAYBULB reflector into any standard E26 or E27 screw socket, and turn it on to enjoy the light and fun. It also fits other sockets by using a proper adapter.
Light, just the one!